We are a design thinking practice, working with organisations & leaders to realign their needs to those of their customer.

What do we do?
We help organisations to 'transform through design'. Working in collaboration with our clients, we gather contextual knowledge, generate insights and marry the results to create innovative and sustainable visualisations of the future that illustrate how, why and where their service, product or brand needs to be in relation to current markets & consumers' future needs.

Is 'design thinking' different from 'design'?
design thinking uses the problem-solving methodology employed in the design profession to throw new light on complex problems.

From our perspective it differs from conventional design practice in that it makes no presumption as to what may be the most appropriate medium for the best solution to any given challenge. By removing specific disciplinary 'leaning' from the engagement - eg product, graphic, new-media - design thinking is free to explore multiple strands of potential outcome in any situation.

Why is it important?
design thinking is directly linked to innovation: by providing insight at the point where the needs of an organisation intersect with those of its customer it can reveal the opportunities for meaningful and effective change.

An organisational structure with embedded design thinking is an inclusive environment where stakeholders' views are actively sought and implementation strategies are in place to respond to emerging challenges and opportunities both now and in the future.

We think this recent film made by the Design Council explains its value from multiple perspectives xx:


Identify Purpose • Reveal Opportunity • Visualise Future