buro expert council: the rules

We are interested in capturing the knowledge and views of people whose opinion we trust, and who have an interest in sharing them.

As part of this research activity all members' participation will be acknowledged by name unless anonymity is preferred, and incentives offered as and when appropriate, including survey highlights from each session.

By agreeing to participate in one survey, members should not feel obliged to undertake others - buro is only interested in willing participants who may have some insights they wish to share on the given subject - and should feel free to opt out at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the foot of the expert council mail-outs.

Thank you for your time,
Mil & Andy, Buro partners

New Stuff Coming.    

#1: Love Beer!
December 2010

Think you love beer?
We are interested in knowing more about people who are interested in and enjoy beer, although perhaps not to the extent that you find yourself featured in the film clip right!

What, where, when, how and who with...?

Take part in our short beer survey to enter the prize draw for a brand new 16GB iPod Nano. The draw will take place on the 31st December and announced shortly thereafter.

Wow, sounds awesome - take me to the survey!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Beer,
Mil & Andy


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